A Michigan Woman Claims Her Family Lived In Harmony With A Clan Of Bigfoots

Bigfoot has always been seen as a scary, yet shy creature that scavengers around in the woods and is rarely seen by anyone. The legend of the Bigfoot can be dated right back to pre-Columbian times when Native American tribes told each other stories of the wild men who inhabited the forests of North America. Back then, the creature had a number of different names, including Sesquac in British Columbia which would later become the modern word Sasquatch that is still in use across the world today.

Bigfoot Pikes Peak Highway

Reports of strange, mysterious hominids can be found all over the world, not just North America, and not just Bigfoot. There are a number of mysteries such as the Yeti or Abominable Snowman that supposedly lives in the Himalayas or the Almas that allegedly stalk the peaks of Central Asia. It wasn’t until the late 1950s, around 1958, that North America really cemented the legend of Bigfoot into its history books and into the public consciousness.

Robin Lynn Pfeifer from Newaygo County, Michigan, is stocking up on blueberry bagels from the local store, not to eat though. These sweet treats aren’t intended for her own family of five. Instead, she plans on handing them out to the mysterious, hairy creatures that allegedly live in the woods surrounding her rural home. Apparently, Pfeifer shares the land and lives in harmony with a family of Bigfoot and they’re not as scary as many people believe them to be.

Yeti Footprints Ape

Gentle enough to become habituated to humans, according to Pfeifer her and her family have lived together with the family of Bigfoot for years, regularly offering sweet treats and relaxing. The woods surrounding her house are the home to the wild family and is where they meet often. It is unclear whether or not the Bigfoot approach her house but what is clear is that they could be construed as being friends. This is the first instance where the sighting hasn’t been a shaky photograph on a low-resolution camera. Could this be the proof everyone has been looking for? Could this be the legend of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953 only Proof in Existence

Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953 only Proof in Existence

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