It’s Happening Now: Cloning Facility Raided After A Hybrid Escaped

Right now the authorities and the special forces are descending into an ultra-secret location that until now was just a myth. This secret location is run by a private corporation in collaboration with alien entities.

There are numerous genetic experiments on human subjects. The authorities are finding a lot of evidence right now. Among the experiments taking place in this location, we can list human cloning, creation of alien-human hybrids and from what seems to be the creation of new forms of life still unknown.

In recent years, there has been a lot of speculation about the existence of such locations in the United States, but no one has been able to prove this. These allegations could never be proven because some shadow forces were busy trying to silence all who wanted to leak information about these top-secret locations.

In places like this one discovered today, human-alien hybrids are being created, in order to infiltrate key positions in government or large corporations.

The grey aliens have been doing these experiments since the 1960s. They have already managed to successfully infiltrate all major positions.

But everything changed when a clone managed to liquidate two doctors and a few security agents and managed to escape from the cloning facility. This individual who claims to be part of these experiments and that is a clone alerted all the authorities and posted an interview on YouTube in which he gave all the details necessary for the authorities to find this location.

Next, you can see the images received from an anonymous source that is part of the investigation team. We can not reveal the identity of the source in order not to endanger his life.

Investigators are still trying to understand exactly what they are dealing with. Because here they found very strange forms of life. These creatures seem intelligent but no one could communicate with them.

Bizarre is the fact that many clones were of important people. This means that those people have been or are about to be replaced.

The general public is not yet ready for such a shocking discovery. It is for this reason that it seems that the authorities have started to hide this incident. That is precisely why authorities are starting to cover-up this incident. They started to delete everything about this case, even youtube videos or articles in small newspaper websites.

Our source still provides us with the latest information. We’ll keep you up to date with everything that’s going to happen in this case.

What is happening now with this incident is something even more important than the crash of Roswell’s flying saucer. All we can do is hope the army will not be able to silence everybody and cover-up this incident.


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