Obama dressed in Satan at a party organized by Illuminati

Lately, a photo of former US President Barack Obama has become viral on the internet and shocked the world. The photo was published on the personal profile of Instagram of the well-known Satanist Annemarie Hope. 

Annemarie Hope is known for promoting Satanism. It seems shortly after she posted this photo on her profile, Annemarie deleted it because she received a lot of negative reactions. 

Still users have already saved the photo and started to replay it all over the internet. It seems that this photograph of Obama dressed in Satan was made by Annemarie himself. 

The fact that the former US president attend Illuminati parties dressed as Satan is no surprise to those who are already familiar with secret societies and the occult. However, it seems that most people can not agree with the idea that Barack Obama could have done such a gesture. Watch the following video and see for yourself:

Original Source: http://alienblog.net/obama-once-dressed-in-satan-at-a-party-organized-by-illuminati/

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