Time Traveler Shows Us First Living Dinosaur Photo Ever Made As Proof

This never happened before. This video is about a time traveler who was in the past 66 million years ago and photographed a dinosaur. 

In the photo that the man shows us, we can clearly see a Tyrannosaur Rex. It looks like the location where this picture was made is somewhere in North America, and the approximate period is 66 million years into our past.

Original Source: http://alienblog.net/time-traveler-shows-us-first-living-dinosaur-photo-ever-made-as-proof-video/?fbclid=IwAR2gNI2218NyLnm_uq0eNljcOEDMutPY3rPEKLpxgZyjisd5xMNz_0C1MZk

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